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EIFS Stucco Repair, Daytona Beach, FL

For some individuals, the EIFS system is a very perplexing stucco system, and knowing what it is can give you a better understanding of what goes into it, as well as the benefits and drawbacks. To guide you in considering this material for your home in Daytona Beach, FL or nearby areas, here is some helpful information about EIFS system and EIFS repair.

What Is an EIFS System?

What is EIFS system? It stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish System is a type of exterior wall cladding that uses stiff insulation boards on the outside of the wall sheathing to create a plaster-like finish. It is a type of stucco wall covering that seems on the outside to be a standard stucco installation, with an acrylic finish, but when the inner layers are dissected, it differs from a hard coat stucco system. It consists of many layers of various goods that together form a comprehensive wall system with qualities, such as greater water resistance or increased air barriers. 

What are the parts of EIFS that make it different from hardcoat stucco system? First off, it has a water-resistive barrier that is typically installed as a “premium system” to provide the wall with additional water resistance. An optional water-resistant barrier, an adhesive for attaching insulation boards to supporting structures, a foam insulation board, a base coat, reinforcing mesh, and a textured finishing coat are among the layers. EIFS sounds hollow when pounded on, but typical stucco sounds solid. 

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When do you require an EIFS Repair?

Although EIFS system is more resistant to cracking than typical stucco, if moisture seeps into your walls due to weather or home factors, it can easily become trapped between the layers and cause considerable damage thus making it bound for a periodical EIFS repair. If you decide to install EIFS stucco on your walls with any of the stucco companies in your area, you should be on the lookout for indicators of water damage or degradation.

EIFS system stucco, unlike traditional stucco, incorporates layers of synthetic components in addition to natural ingredients and mesh. Water-resistant barriers or other layers are included in some systems. EIFS system provides greater protection and insulation than regular stucco when such layers are placed, but it also comes with significant hazards and may often require stucco repair cracks. The improved insulation is the primary reason behind EIFS’s development. Because EIFS is more flexible than typical stucco siding, it cracks and crumbles less as a result of shifting foundations or heat expansion. The fiberglass coating increases the endurance of the product, even when it is subjected to harsh conditions.

So, what is the best decision for your home? It can all depend on whether you prefer the traditional or synthetic stucco for your siding, ceiling, or exterior. But just because you wanted a more stylish house does not mean you will choose the most expensive option in repairing the damages to your house. It will always fall on your budget, which is the number one rule you should follow. If you live in an area with a lot of bad weather and precipitation, a house stucco siding could be a good idea. Traditional stucco may be the ideal option for you if you reside somewhere with more consistent temperatures and dryer air. 

EIFS may look a lot like stucco, but it actually needs a distinct setup and more careful maintenance. If you see a problem with your EIFS, it is best to identify how far damage has been done and if it beyond your ability to repair it, better to contact your nearest stucco repair contractors to assess the situation. Additional leaks and failures might result from a faulty installation or repair operation. It’s essential to have Liberty Stucco Repair for a professional inspection of the problem to verify that it’s rectified correctly and that the rest of your EIFS isn’t harmed.

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When doing a stucco repair, insulation or EPS board preparation, adhesive application, insulation boards installation, rasping, base coat and mesh application, finish coating, and stucco sealing are some of the processes and methods to be used.

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