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Stucco Sealing, Daytona Beach, FL

Several houses using stucco we see now have a few cracks here and there, most often around the windows. Moisture will infiltrate these cracks if they are not sealed. Even on concrete block walls, but especially on wood frame walls, degradation occurs once moisture enters. As it separates from the block and falls off, hollow spaces form around the gaps in block walls, exposing the block. If you let years go by, your property may have stucco siding damage due to so much moisture into the block wall that mushrooms had grown in the carpet along the interior wall.

Exterior paint that is not designed for stucco can harm the material’s breathability and can retain moisture. Traditional paint is not the way to go if you want your stucco to look fantastic and last longer than possible. The best option is to trust Liberty Stucco Repair. Our stucco repair contractors will provide professional stucco sealing for your exterior. We are a specialist in applying a coating substance that will restore its original appearance.

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Why You Should Consider Stucco Sealing for Your Home

Stucco is a material that does not go well with paint. For starters, because stucco quickly absorbs moisture, it absorbs all the paint, requiring many coats to cover the surface. In humid areas, the issue is particularly acute. When moisture that has been absorbed into the stucco becomes trapped behind the sealing layer of paint, it causes unattractive blistering and peeling of the paint. As awful as it appears, what you cannot see is far worse: trapped moisture may creep into your home’s wood framing, causing it to decay. The ultimate consequence is a toxic mold that can only be eradicated by completely ripping out and rebuilding the damaged sections.

Because stucco is porous by nature, it requires a top layer that allows it to breathe. A decent sealant can fix cracks that are causing havoc on your stucco. Plus, giving your stucco a little more flexibility, will help avoid future cracks and therefore a need for stucco crack repair, stucco hole repair, and other stucco repair services.

To avoid moisture penetration, stucco may and should be properly sealed. If the stucco is fresh, a transparent concrete/masonry sealer can be used to penetrate the stucco and prevent moisture from entering. These are usually silicone sealants. These finishes, while effective, will often need to be renewed every 4 to 5 years. Regularly having us provide you stucco sealing minimizes deterioration and corrosion, which can lead to the need for complete replacement.

Stucco systems in Florida, such as EIFS system or hardcoat stucco, require a facial barrier system, which includes adequate penetration sealants. The objective has always been to completely stop any water from passing through the stucco system or around stucco penetrations. There is no need for a “drain plane” system with such a system in place since any water that reaches it for its intended function will cause the system to fail.

Repairing cracks and replacing areas of your stucco siding or stucco ceiling that have delaminated from the substrate underneath the stucco are the most basic aspects of stucco care or stucco repair. That is pretty much it if the stucco isn’t painted. If the stucco is painted, it will need to be cleaned, primed, and repainted on a regular basis, just like any other painted surface. While most penetrating sealers are designed to enable water vapor to migrate out of the wall, the effectiveness of this relies on the type of sealer used, how it was applied, the quantity of moisture in the wall, and the wall’s composition.

The lack of adequate sealants at joints and around all openings, whether you have Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS) or hardcoat stucco, generally results in water penetration and causes issues like rot, mildew, and more. Make sure to select the best from stucco companies in your area that will inspect your home to see whether any or all of the openings need to be sealed or re-sealed. Ask them to point out these places to you as well. All penetrations must be sealed with a suitable sealant according to the stucco system manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Liberty Stucco Repair makes certain that any repair work we complete meets your expectations. When fixing a large crack, our expert stucco repair may typically more precisely match the texture and gloss of your original stucco. Our stucco repair contractors are skilled in matching colors that can more precisely match the hue of the original stucco. To assure your total pleasure with a job properly done, hire only our licensed, insured, and bonded stucco repair professionals in Daytona Beach, FL and surrounding areas.

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