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Stucco Water Damage Repair, Daytona Beach, FL

Stucco is vulnerable to a variety of damages, which can be worsened by water and mold development. Water damage such as mold development and dry rot can occur if cracks and holes in the stucco exterior allow moisture to permeate the material. Exterior water damage, like interior water damage, should be treated at once to avoid long-term issues. That is why Liberty Stucco Repair is here to guide you through the process.

The most common reason why stucco gets damaged is water. Since it is a great factor in both cleaning and maintaining the surfaces of your exterior wall, it can be really harmful to your stucco too. Moreover, if your stucco were applied poorly, it could lead to your exterior and stucco siding being dull and more susceptible to damages.

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Signs of Water Damage to Look Out for in Your Stucco

You must be on the alert for the apparent indications of stucco issues to avoid an expensive stucco water infiltration tragedy. While stucco is a beautiful and unique home siding material, poor quality stucco and installation can make it vulnerable to water infiltration. If you live in or is planning to buy a stucco house in Daytona Beach, knowing how to spot issues is essential. Being able to tell the signs of a water-damaged stucco as early as possible could really save you from a more expensive repair in the future. The earlier you identify and mark the damage, the better so you could get the stucco repair your property requires.

You’re searching for visible evidence of water leaking through your home’s stucco walls while checking for these warning signals. These are essentially the same techniques used by our stucco repair and restoration crew using the latest method of stucco patch repair. Look for huge, visible cracks as well as minor hairline cracks. Stucco cracks are not necessarily an indication of damage, although they are a typical sign of moisture problems in the stucco. Water damage under the surface of your stucco siding is an indication of water damage beneath the surface. If your stucco splits or breaks off, it’s worth sending in a professional to look at it more.

Cracks in stucco should be fixed, but an elastomeric coating is frequently advised since it has the advantage of crack bridging ability. While these coatings can tolerate thermal movement, wind-driven rain, and give a lengthy guarantee, they cannot bridge or repair existing fractures. New cracks that appear after the stucco has been coated are covered by the crack bridging ability. Your stucco siding, therefore, requires the right stucco sealing, stucco crack repair, or other stucco repair service available at Liberty Stucco Repair.

The worst-case situation is when your stucco walls leak but show no evidence of it since the liquid is absorbed completely. Some of the reasons for stucco problems are poorly and improperly made stucco. Stucco is supposed to resist moisture, but if it’s installed incorrectly, it absorbs it instead. Many outside companies claim to handle stucco but lack the necessary skills to do it properly. An unskilled contractor from other stucco companies skips steps that might cause a major headache for you. At Liberty Stucco Repair, our stucco repair contractors install a proper drainage system for your stucco. A drainage system is installed at the bottom of the walls when stucco is correctly installed. If this mechanism fails, the water will seep into the walls instead of draining.

It is very risky if you try and brush off the obvious damages to your stucco. If left alone for a long period of time, you may find yourself in a situation where you needed to re-do a whole lot portion of your house instead of patching the damage when you first saw it. From the outside in, your entire house may deteriorate. You’ll have to fully rebuild your exterior if this happens. If you think stucco leak repairs are costly now, wait till you consider the cost of stucco removal then a new stucco installation after.

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When it comes to your stucco, the best way to minimize water damage is to make sure it’s built correctly. Hire our trustworthy stucco repair contractors because they are licensed, insured, experienced, and well-trained. We offer high-quality stucco repair services, such as stucco hole repair, stucco crack repair, stucco sealing, stucco patching, and more! 

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